Condominium Living has evolved through the years. Whitney Place provides the answer for those seeking the joy of home ownership but no longer wish the obligations of exterior maintenance and repairs.

As owners of single family homes are aware, exterior up-keep for their home is a costly and time consuming exercise which has long past the point of being fun and rewarding. Snow removal and regular lawn mowing and watering is hard work and never seems to be required at times that are convenient. Fertilizing and weed control are expensive and further tax your free time. At Whitney Place these routine tasks are performed by trained professionals directed by your Condominium Corporation through an independent management company. Each contractor employed to carryout maintenance projects will carry their own liability insurance and will have been diligently screened for previous experience and work quality. Locking the door and heading south for a week, or the winter, will be no problem for you.

When you own your own single family home you have complete control over decorating and renovating the interior. At Whitney Place you have these same privileges. To protect you and all homeowners we have put in place certain restrictions on the exterior of the buildings. For instance, exterior renovations, additional landscaping, painting, etc. are performed only with approval from your condominium corporation. This restriction has been instituted to protect your investment and allows you the opportunity to have a say in how your property may be affected.

With ownership come certain costs which, in a condominium, are minimized by amortizing them over the entire property. These costs are paid for through a monthly fee levied on the various unit types. Long term building and property issues such as roof replacement, asphalt and walkway repairs are covered in your monthly fee further ensuring that your investment is protected. Fire and Liability Insurance for the property and building exterior are also covered in this monthly fee.

Fees, or 'Common Costs' which they have become know as, for the various model types are shown on the model pricing sheet and include the following:

Maintenance of roadways, driveways and walkways, including snow clearing and future repairs. " Maintenance of lawns, fencing and any enclosures.

  • Maintenance and future repairs of building exteriors including brick, stucco, soffit, eavestrough, shingles and exterior painting.
  • Future repairs of community sewers and infrastructure.
  • Insurance premiums on the building exterior and common grounds as well a payment of policy deductibles if required.
  • Annual review of the accounts of the Condominium Corporation.